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  3. Look at that bread. That’s some delicious looking bread. 

    Look at that bread. That’s some delicious looking bread. 

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    when you’re typing “good morning” and you accidentally type “hood morning”


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  5. When you say: Can't you take a joke?

    I hear: I want you to submit to being bullied for my entertainment and convenience.

    And Normal Fucking People Think: I can understand this if it weren't for the fact you call a man you never met "Bendydick Cumbersnatch". So it's okay to make fun of someone's name in a shitty, sexually harassing kind of way, for your own entertainment and convenience, but no one else can make fun of you.

    I'm in awe of the idiocy and raging hypocrisy of people.

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  6. I’m entitled to my own opinion whether or not it coincides with yours, so leave your passive aggressive shit to yourself. 

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  8. We are still a young country, and many of our landmark civil rights decisions are fresh enough that the voices of their champions still echo, even as the world that preceded them becomes less and less familiar. We have yet to celebrate the centennial of the 19th Amendment, but a society that denied women the vote would seem to us now not unusual or old-fashioned but alien. I believe that in 2013 DOMA and opposition to marriage equality are vestiges of just such an unfamiliar society.

    President Bill Clinton ”It’s time to overturn DOMA” (via demnewswire)

    I side-eyed this when I first saw it this morning, because Clinton is the one who signed DOMA in the first place. But he explains that he did that because otherwise Congress might have passed a Constitutional amendment against same-sex marriage, which would have been a lot harder to undo. This is a good op-ed, although I think more people who are fans of Bill Clinton are also on the correct side of the marriage equality argument.

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    The nice part is that a lot of Republican youngsters are starting to see the error of their party’s ways as well. 


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Pokemon Challenge
Favorite Starter: Totodile

I love these things


    Pokemon Challenge

    Favorite Starter: Totodile

    I love these things

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